Perfect Circle

  • All of your enquiries and requirement are recorded and followed up and progress is monitored so you can be confident your needs are handled professionally
  • You can monitor real-time on-risk coverages, invoices, claims process update in realtime


  • If you have obligations to indemnify your client, we can pre-program the coverage and its conditions, and this application can process your claim and make a payment voucher to be redeemed for cash
  • This avoid your branches to prepare cash in large amount
  • Linked host-to-host with banking system
  • Voucher can be redeemed in all teller in real-time


  • If you have a number of insurer partner and you want to proportionately give business to them, you need ADELE
  • You determine the proportion, ADELE will then automatically spread the business
  • Ensure controlled and fair distribution
  • Allows mid-term adjustment by You to compensate for high claim ratio


  • Portable and Reliable Insurance Management Engine